Self-powered Solutions for Asset Tracking

AT-1 and AT-17 series monitor the location of assets  A)  that cannot supply sufficient power to a tracking product or B) where connections to the power supply compromises the covert requirement of the service. Applications include cargo, luggage, motorcycle, marine, vehicle, people and pet tracking.

The AT-17 series also provides magnetic mounting making these products ideal for short term tracking and sting operations.

The AT-1 has an integrated microphone for covert voice monitoring applications, as well as SOS and 2-way voice communications.  It is also waterproof (IP67).

The AT-12 offers optional SOS and 2-way voice communications.

The AutoSeeker advanced feature programming can enable selected AT-17 series products with extraordinary standby battery life up to 1825 days (5 years) on internal power — without necessity of recharging.

The internal GPS is supplied by u-blox and includes aGPS support giving excellent cold start performance and accuracy.